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Do you watch the news…or have you been fasting from it? I can’t say I blame you because for over a year the news has been filled with bad news. Watching the explosion of Covid-19 around the world. We have seen the numbers swell to over 132 million infections taking 2.87 million deaths.

And then there has been the political news with the election last year. Who is telling the truth and who is spreading fake news…and how do you know? Was the election stolen as some people believed strongly enough that they would invade the Capital Building, the day the electoral college votes were being counted, wanting to put to death some of our nation’s leaders?

Then dealing with the whole racial issues flaming up again…and with good reason as we watched George Floyd die beneath the knee of a police officer. We hear about the leaders in Georgia passing a law that seems to be making it harder for some people to be able to have their votes cast. Even potentially taking away the rights of local election boards who have counted the votes to determine who won the race the state legislature can change the outcome if the state does not like the locally determined count.

It seems to me like we have suffered 4 major earthquakes in our nation. Covid-19 being the first with over 31.5 million cases resulting in 570,000+ deaths. The economic impact of this on businesses and families. The racial tensions being uncovered with Black Lives Matter and a reaction by some equating what some are calling Jim Crow 2.0. And lastly, an unraveling of our democratic form of government.

I believe these are the most troubling times in my almost 68 years of life. And guess what??? Things are better here than almost anywhere else on the planet!!! And I fear that with the passing of time things could become even worse. Oh, by the way…I am usually a very positive person…I am an optimist but also a realist!!!

This is why I need to keep my focus fixed on my Sovereign God who is in control and guiding things according to His will. I see in the existence of everything two places. There is the universe containing everything that has been created…and there is the heaven where God exists.

One place, our universe has a problem. It is called the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics which means everything in our universe is deteriorating. It is running down. People are born, grow up, become stronger but eventually, age causes our bodies to succumb to illness and disease and we die.

Scientists say our sun will eventually burn itself out. It is going to take 7-8 billion years to do so. And we are becoming increasingly aware of the balance of things in nature which if not maintained there will be even more damage to our planet having increasingly more deadly results.

I think all of this puts us as believers in a precarious position. We are told that our Father is Sovereign over all things. So, does that mean we just sit back, and let come what may? Have we not also been given the responsibility of doing what is within our control for things to be better for both the environment and the people we live with? Do we not have a responsibility to love our neighbors as ourselves, to be the good Samaritan to those around us…and even loving our enemies?

In reality, things are going to continue to decay but eventually, those of us who are new creations in Christ are going to leave this realm of sin, death, disease, and man’s inhumanity to mankind. And we will be transported the moment we die and will find ourselves in the 2nd realm. The realm that has always existed and in which there is no sin, no sickness, no death, no racism, no political parties or politics, no poverty, no sexism, no white supremacy, no tears, and no death.

We will go from this place that is running down to the place God has for us that is perfection …all the time. We will receive bodies that will last for eternity. Never, ever will we be sick again. No more sin, porn, cheating, stealing absolutely nothing sinful or harmful at all.

And we will be there for eternity. We will be there with Jesus. We will know Him fully and we will know ourselves completely as well. And after several billion years we will probably know everyone’s names.

Now for the bottom line. With that future ahead of us…how should we then live here and now? I think the best answer is we should do what it takes to live out our Christian life as Christ would want us to live. And that entails us doing what we are told to do if we are going to be being transformed by the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is literally the Spirit of Christ. And you have been sealed by the Spirit into the body of Christ. He has entered your body at your spiritual rebirth and Jesus said He would be with us forever. He is our Counselor and Comforter. He bears His fruit in our lives and gives us spiritual gifts to be used to build up others in the body of Christ – the Church.

We are not to be hoarders but those who give freely to the needs of others. The color of one’s skin should mean absolutely nothing to how we treat one another. Those of us who are rich need to share with those who are poor. It should mean more to us to help others survive instead of how much wealth we can hang on to for ourselves.

And most of all we must love one another. Jesus said the world will know that we are followers of Jesus if we love one another. Whose feet might you wash today? Who around you need food and shelter? To whom will you be Jesus to today.

Since we are going to a place where we will have everything in abundance would it not make sense that we help as many people as we can and give away as much as we can before it is all left behind and out of your control.


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