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I want you to imagine with me that your relationship with God is like being part of a family. You were born again by the Spirit, and you were brought into the family of God. You were placed into your new home because He rescued us out of the kingdom of darkness and has placed us in the kingdom of His Son.

But instead of thinking in large terms like being in His Kingdom and a member of God’s family with billions of other Christians…let’s imagine that He has brought you to your home and placed you at your front door.

The front porch, the door, and even the entryway represent the beginnings of our salvation. Coming through the door is our justification. A one-time act of faith when by God’s grace we are saved…apart from our works and welcomed into His family as a new creation in Christ. All of our sins…past, present, and future have been completely forgiven and we are invited to dwell or abide in this new residence and explore all the rooms.

This is not our eternal dwelling place in heaven, but it represents our life on earth until we go to heaven. We get to choose which rooms we will spend time in and can move around freely and explore some of what God has for us. Some rooms are good places to be, and others are rooms we should avoid. And most importantly is that our home is still in a dangerous neighborhood and if we go outside, we need to be very careful and not go out alone.

Now I have lived in my spiritual house for 49 years. There are some wonderful rooms where I am reminded of God’s love for me. In one room is the cross on which Jesus was crucified… bloodstained with the crown of thorns leaning against the base. One might expect the room to be very dark…but it is not. The lights are always on, and those lights are always overcoming the darkness. It is a room where I can be reminded of the forgiveness gained for me by the death of my Savior.

There is also the stone that was rolled away from the entrance of His tomb as a reminder that not only did light overcome the darkness…but life overcame death…for Christ and all of His family members. This is a good room for me to spend time in because it reminds me of my Lord’s great sacrifice…His death for my sins…and even more importantly that He has risen from the dead and has given me a new life. A new eternal life with Him in His Kingdom and ultimately with Him in Heaven.

One of the most and greatest things is that Jesus has His own room. It is called the Living Room because He is alive and the source of our new lives in Christ. That room is always open, and He is always there…waiting for us.

There is but one piece of furniture. He is sitting on a Throne of Grace because that is what He has for us…grace…unmerited favor that He loves to soak us with. And no matter what shape we are in or trouble we are experiencing He tells us to come to Him with boldness and confidence…because He is Our Savior and Our Lord, and He is there to give us help in our times of need. This is a room I need to visit every day…and I think you do as well.

One of the problems all Christians who have become addicted to almost anything but especially porn…we live what I call the Yo-Yo life. Up one moment and down the next. Fearing that unless we can get freedom from the addiction then we are condemned by our Lord and thrown out of our house.

However, I am glad to tell you that once you are in the front door it is locked from the outside and you are a permanent resident. However, we are given the key so we can choose to go out into the world and return to the things to which we have become addicted. I did that for years and so have you. So, let’s just be real about it and see if there are things, we can do in our home that will help to change us and free us from our porn addiction.

Most of it depends on what we do when we first get out of bed and begin to prepare for our day. We go to the kitchen for a breakfast…at least some of us do. We grab a cup of coffee and head off to work unless we are working remotely and head to our make-shift office.

Whether we are leaving our home to go to work…or have an office in our home…we always pass by the Living Room’s main door. Remember the Living Room is where Jesus dwells. And every day He is waiting in there to meet with you…for your benefit…not His. This is the Room Where IT Happens, and the question is what is the “IT” that happens?

What is IT that happens when we take the time to visit with our Lord and Savior at the beginning of each day? The IT is receiving from Him what He knows we are going to need for the day. It is where we come before Him, understanding that apart from Him we can do nothing of value. We have a long history that should be telling us that if we skip the meeting in the Living Room, we are not going to stand a chance of surviving what our enemy has planned against us for each day.

Tomorrow we will look at some of the other rooms that God has for us in our house…like the Dining Room where we can be nourished, the Game Room where we can play with our friends, and the Worship Room to rejoice and celebrate our having been made a child of God’s.

Remember if you want IT to happen you will need to begin your day in the Room Where IT Happens and spending some quality time with our Lord Jesus. And doing this daily IT will happen…but skipping that time then we all know that S*^T happens.

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