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For the past two emails/podcasts we have been looking at why recovery from our sexual brokenness is so difficult. We know that inside of every believer is something the Bible calls our flesh or our sinful nature and sorry to inform you of this, but we will all have it in us until we die. It is by receiving the power of the Spirit that we can overcome this issue but that is a lesson for another day.

Yesterday we looked at the reality that not only do we have an internal enemy, but we also are doing battle with demonic forces of this present world. We do not battle against flesh and blood but against the principalities and power of darkness…demonic forces. Like it or not this is true for all of us, but God has given us the full armor of God which we need to put on every day. Here is a summary of those 6 pieces and what they mean…

• Knowing and telling the truth is how we wear the belt of truth.
• Doing the next right thing when tempted is wearing the breastplate of righteousness.
• Being an ambassador for Christ to the lost is wearing the shoes of the Gospel.
• Using the truths about God to defeat the lies of the evil one is the shield of faith.
• Understanding our eternal and unconditional salvation is wearing our helmet.
• Learning the Word of God and using it when being tempted is using our sword.

So, here is the 3rd reason our recovery is a strong challenge for us to face.

We Are Living Behind Enemy Lines

When a nation has been defeated while in war those who are still living in that country are now behind enemy lines. Their laws have changed, and their government dismantled. There is a new Sherriff in town and those left behind are in a very dangerous situation. Especially if they want nothing to do with the conquering army and are trying to cause trouble for their new rulers.

As much as you might have enjoyed Hogan’s Heroes it did not portray what being in a stalag was really like. If one was not killed in the gas chamber or by firing squad, you were worked to death until you starved to death. And those who were not captured were forced to live underground hiding from their enemy.

We, my friends, are behind enemy lines. This world is in darkness and the prince of the power of the air is in charge. Evil is allowed to exist especially when it comes to sex, sex slaves, and the sexually abused. Modern-Day slavery in our world is estimated to be between 21 – 45 million people. The majority are women and children who are not free and are captured in human trafficking around the world. And there are over 130 wars and conflicts going on right now in the world.

Because the devil is the ruler over the world for this period…evil goes on despite the influence Christianity has had over the past 2000+ years. And the greatest hook that our enemy uses to keep us feeling defeated and unloved by God is pornography. Over 50% of the world’s population has access to the internet and therefore access to porn. When it comes to developed nations that number is almost 90%.

And whether you want to realize it or not addiction to porn is far more addictive than alcohol and most drugs. I have a friend who is a leader in 180 who used to be a heroin addict and he tells me getting off porn was more difficult for him than getting off heroin.

Thanks to the world wide web we now have almost instant access to almost any kind of porn we might want to see and to which we will masturbate. Plus, we have an almost unlimited amount of porn we can see in an instant with WIFI and a smartphone. We do not have to purchase alcohol or drugs and find a secret place to get drunk or stoned. There is no alcohol on our breath or in our blood to be detected. And no drug-induced stupor we need sleep off.

Just 5 minutes in the bathroom and we get our fix and feel great…for a while. And because it is so easy, we can do it again and again and again…each time creating in our brain a solid network wanting more sexual sin. Eventually, we reach a place where if we cannot use porn or masturbate, we do not feel normal but are stressed and craving another sexual fix.

So, we become addicted to porn and sex and when we try to stop using porn and stop masturbating we discover that our cravings for those behaviors is monstrous and it seems like nothing we can do will give us freedom from what we used to love but now hate… because it is ruining our lives.

Statistics say that 60% of all Christian men are addicted to porn and Christians attending church has dropped from 70% in 1999 to 47% in 2020. I am certain that some of that decline is because men and women addicted to porn feel ashamed and abandoned by God or may now believe that they are no longer saved…which is a lie.

I started to send out emails and podcasts of encouragement in 2012. The list of my subscribers has grown to over 3,000 men and women in 72 different nations and obviously, you are one of them…and I am thankful for that and the opportunity to help you in your recovery.

We need to bond together with one another and form a solid community of believers helping other believers using the same tool that has fed our addiction…the internet. Currently, there are about 200 men from 14 different nations using our Online Support Teams and we want to start more.

So, if you want strong help having proven to yourself that you cannot stop this on your own…why not give being on a team of others where there is no condemnation, and we are all helping one another walkout our recoveries? We have room for you, or we will start a new Online Support Team with you.

I invite you to email me and I will send you a list of the 14 OSTs we have going. You can sit in as my guest and observe and see for yourself how this may be the answer for which you have been searching.

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