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Did you know that when we continue our battle against our sexual brokenness one of the tools our enemy uses against us is our own feelings of condemnation? Condemnation really sucks…right? So, let’s focus on that today and try to find some relief from this lying accusation and dreading its existence in our lives.

Now I can say to all of you who have placed your faith in Christ to be your Savior from the penalty of all your sins that there is no condemnation for you. I do not care what you think or feel that is the result of an ongoing addiction to porn and sex…if you have truly been born again and sealed by the Holy Spirit as our guarantee of our inheritance in heaven…you are eternally a member of God’s family and there is no condemnation from God towards you.

Let’s see it in Roman 8:1…which I would highly recommend you memorize…

“Therefore, there is now no condemnation at all
for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

This is a remarkable statement the Apostle Paul writes under the direction of the Holy Spirit. When he says “therefore” it means he is beginning to sum up his argument. And in the original manuscript, there is no chapter division between the last verse of chapter 7 and the first verse of chapter 8.

Paul is summing up his argument from chapters 6 and 7 with this once and for all blanket statement which is true for every believer regardless of whether you believe it or not. But serious consequences are in store for those who do not believe there is “no condemnation” and want to believe that we are to maintain our salvation by being obedient and no longer sinning. Like that set of people would be called the “null set” meaning there is nobody in that set of people…except Jesus.

No condemnation should be one of those ideas that lift the weight and the burden we carry because of our continuing to sin…off our shoulders. The word “condemnation” literally means a damnatory sentence. Before we knew Christ we were under the condemnation of our history of our sins, our present sins, and our future sins.

The wages of sin is death…and apart from the forgiveness of God offered to us because of the death of Jesus on the cross…for the sins of the world…we would still be living under condemnation. But we are no longer in that position. Hebrews 10 tells us this incredible message…

“…but He, having offered one sacrifice for sins for all time, sat down at the right hand of God…

For by one offering He has perfected for all time those who are sanctified.

And…verse 17 adds…

“And their sins and their lawless deeds
I will no longer remember.”

All sins…which includes all of my sins and all of your sins…past, present, and future…have been completely paid for. Were we guilty…of course we were. Should we have to die for our sins with our own death? Absolutely…except for the reality that God loves you…has always loved you…and will always love you. Therefore, we have this equation…

All of my sins + the Death of Christ = No condemnation

How many times do you pay for something when you pay for it ALL at the time of purchase? Just once…right? I bought a toilet at Lowes yesterday…paid for it on the spot and so it is now mine and shall become an important part of my house to be used multiple times a day. I do not go back to the store to offer more money for it…do not have to…because their price I paid once for all.

Ok…maybe that is a bad example comparing the death of Christ for all of our sins to me buying a commode…but I digress…

God has stated that He will remember none of our sins. The debt for all our sins was nailed to the cross. The blood of Jesus has turned my scarlet sins as white as pure wool. He has separated us from our sins as far as the East is from the West and has promised to remember them no longer.

Now I need to point out something to those of you who use the King James Version of the Bible. That translation takes a phrase that is supposed to be part of verse 4 and moves it to verse 1…which totally changes the meaning of this verse. The KJV says…

“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus,
who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.”

In the best and earliest manuscripts of the Greek New Testament that we have Romans 8:1 ends with Christ Jesus…and the rest is found in verse 4. Now, this is critical to understand…

If one accepts the KJV of Romans 8:1…then our no condemnation…indeed our entire salvation becomes dependant upon us walking in the Spirit. And that, my friends, destroys everything else in the New Testament that tells we are saved by Grace, not of Works and our salvation is therefore conditional upon our walking in the Spirit. That destroys the Gospel being a message of the grace and love of God and we being able to always be walking in the Spirit.

There is NO CONDEMNATION for those of us in Christ…PERIOD!!!

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