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You might be thinking based on the title that this is going to be a guilt trip message. It is not…read on because it will be quite the opposite. Actually, all of us have achieved success already in a number of areas in life because of our ability to be consistent.

If we were not consistent in breathing we would be dead. If we are not consistent in eating we would also be dead. If we are not consistent in hydrating our bodies with water or drinks that contain water we will die…which is why there is beer and football. If we are not consistent in allowing our bodies to eliminate waste…well you get the picture.

Those are the basic consistencies and most of us are good at them. However, there are some areas where we are less consistent than we should be. If we live on junk food that may be a consistency…but it can destroy your health. If you press yourself too much at work and then negate sleep to look at porn you will become much less effective and could lose your job.

One thing we are consistent about is looking at porn. We do not have to push ourselves and set time for it on our schedule…we make time for it and use the time that should be used for other things into time to feed our addiction.

I wonder why when it comes to being consistent it is a struggle to maintain it if that consistency were doing things that are good for us? The things that are bad for us are easy to be consistently doing. Why? Because they help us feel good. They provide a way of escape…a time of pleasure in the midst of life’s burdens.

However, in reality, these addictive types of behavior are not free. There is a price they demand which at first you will not really notice but as the addiction grows and consumes more and more of your time pretty soon you no longer have it…it has you and you have become its prisoner.

And this seems to be especially true when it comes to the spiritual disciplines that we need to be doing so that we are growing a deeper relationship with the Lord and other people. A couple may have been sleeping together in the same bed for decades. Getting that rest is important to a balanced and healthy life…but it does nothing to deepen your relationship and strengthen your marriage.

Going to church one day of the week to worship, hear a biblical message, and talking with friends is also a good thing…but it will not make you a stronger man of God who can say no to sexual sin and maintain a walk with the Spirit which will be transforming you into a more godly man…and perhaps even the pastor has an addiction to porn…like I did.

So, what are the things that we need to grow consistently in doing that will have the power to change us? Some call them spiritual disciplines…I like to think of them as spiritual life support. If we are maintaining these things commanded of us in the Bible our spiritual growth will be the result. If we neglect them…well you already know about that because that is why you are part of 180 Ministries.

So, here is my first recommendation to you on how to develop spiritual consistency in your life. The first step sounds simple but seems hard. People usually fail in doing it for two reasons. They try to overdo it. To make up for the lost time they over promise and under deliver.

And this is a pandemic at the beginning of a new year. The desire to begin to make changes is a good thing…but let’s learn from our past mistakes and figure out why we failed and gave up trying

First – we commit to trying to do too much and become discouraged. We want to make up for lost time…but that cannot be done. All we can control is how we are spending our time each and every day…and if we do not have a plan to work then we are only planning to fail.

Second – we give up too soon. We believe that we will begin to see results quickly and when instant change does not happen we get discouraged and give up. Some of that is affected by what our mindset is when we are beginning. If we want to see instant results…or change in a few days we easily give up hope…begin to feel bad…and go back to our addiction to feel better.

There is one word on this that Jesus taught his disciples in John 15 and it is summed up in one word. Here is what He said…

“Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me. I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.”

Jesus tells us to abide in Him. If we are not doing that then we are a branch that will bear no fruit. However, if we are abiding in Him we will bear much fruit…but apart from Him, we can do nothing.

So, how does one abide in Jesus? The word abide is simple and not a complex idea. It simply means to remain. Some translations will use the word remain instead of abiding. Again, it all comes down to the connection between the branch and the vine. If the connection is good and the branch is drawing what it needs to be alive and bearing fruit those things will happen.

However, if that is not the case…bearing fruit will not happen and the branch, lacking what it needs to remain alive and bear fruit, will wither, and become barren.

Tomorrow we will go into the basics on how to abide in Christ and begin to see Him, by the Spirit who dwells within us, begin to produce His fruit which results in our spiritual growth and finding more freedom from our addictions.

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