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As we are moving from WHY do I need to be serious and work on my recovery to HOW do I do my recovery this is critical because most Christian men have little to no experience in being discipled. To be discipled means to learn the disciplines of what one needs to do if one is going to be prepared for battle.

I would say that for the vast majority of Christian men their experience with being a Christian is to go to church once a week, have some worship, hear the Word taught, and sit in a large community of other confused believers hoping to learn something of value. Little or no interaction beyond the customary “How are you?” … “I am fine.” is experienced.

Then it is off to family and work and any number of other distractions…beginning with a large buffet we don’t need. Then on to the nap we don’t need and wasting a lot of time watching sports that we do not need to do.

Is there anything happening in your Christian life that is helping you in the day-to-day battle we all face? On Monday we are called out of our barracks and into the battle of the day underprepared, underequipped, and facing our enemies ALONE.

Is it any wonder why most Christian men and a growing number of Christian women are addicted to sex and porn? We are surrounded by it. We have almost complete access to it anytime and anywhere. And it gives us real moments of great pleasure that for a while helps us feel alive again…yet in the end leaves us more ashamed, more alone, and more afraid. Going to church has become our hour of Christian entertainment instead of a place where we are being served a nutritious spiritual meal we are desperately needing… or not.

What will it take to awaken you to the point where you will take the actions to change all of that? We try and usually fail on an annual basis at the beginning of the New Year. We might even have been challenged to take up a Reading Through the Bible in a Year program… because it is a relatively simple and achievable practice. Scan your eyes over 4 chapters of words and you will accomplish your goal. But did you learn anything of value to you for your recovery from sexual brokenness?

Well…I have some good news for you. I have worked hard on a project that many men have told me has been very helpful in helping them in their struggle. It is a document where I literally give you 7 weeks of daily time to spend with the Lord both in the morning and in the evening. It is called the 180 BOOT CAMP.

And if you will take it and work through it carefully two things are going to happen. You will begin to be actually doing the biblical practices that every Christian needs to be doing in order to be growing in their relationship with God. There are not any “new tricks” or clever methods. It is just putting into practice what the Scriptures tell us we need to be doing.

You may not have realized it at the time but when you were born-again and given a new life in Christ, a very big and unexpected thing happened. You went from being spiritually dead in your sins and became spiritually alive in Christ and an eternal member of God’s family.

Because that happened is you went from being an enemy of God and a friend of this world to become one of His children, a friend of God’s and an enemy of the devil. Colossians says it this way…

“For He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son He loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.”

Therefore, now that we are in God’s Family, we have become an enemy of the devil who wants to do everything in his power to ruin and destroy our lives. Whether you knew this was going to happen to you or not…it has happened and we are all in a war.

What does our nation do if we are going to go into war? They need equipment to go to war with and they need soldiers to operate that equipment…so we can have boots on the ground. There are currently 2.23 million people within our Armed Forces. And what must happen for everyone and anyone who wants to serve…Boot Camp.

Boot camp is where individuals who want to or are forced to serve in the military go to begin getting prepared to be a soldier or sailor and learn what to do and now to do it when they are engaging in a battle. They will have been trained, equipped, and ready to be part of a group of other soldiers with whom they will fight and on whom their life might depend.

Now the idea is not original or new. It has been happening for years not only in the military but in fitness training and many other areas. Boot Camp always begins with the simple basics which become a foundation on which the training can develop to educate and create soldiers who can be counted on for whatever the task might be.

So, I have developed and have been using the 180 Boot Camp model for a couple of years now…and I want to make it available to you. This will be so that you will be trained in how to be a disciple of Christ. You will begin to change as the Holy Spirit works in transforming you into a more Christ-like person.

You will have 49 days of instruction and learning twice a day for 7 weeks. But let me give you a warning. The forces of evil do not want you to do this because when you do these things evil begins to lose its grip on you as you are being transformed by the Holy Spirit.

It is a lot to do and you do not have to do it in 49 days if you do not, or can not, or will not put in the effort. So, I encourage you to start small and work your way into doing it. I strongly encourage you to not try and do it alone. Find a friend or a mentor who can help you along the way…or join one of our Online Support Teams where there will be a team of other men helping you daily.

Oh…by the way you might be thinking what is the cost for this information…how about ZERO, FREE FOR THE ASKING!!! Just email me and ask for it.


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