2.6.22 – 180 LIVE is BORN AGAIN…Tonight!!!

A few years ago I started an online meeting called 180 LIVE on Sunday Nights at 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time…which is like New York time on the East Coast of America.

I wanted anyone who would like to meet online to discuss some of the things I have learned about recovery from sexual addiction.

It also gives us a forum where anyone can sit in as my guest, remain anonymous, and have an opportunity to discuss any questions with which you might be struggling.

Keeping you anonymous is very important to me because it probably is important to you as well. So, anyone can choose to not use their video, create an alias, and not even say anything…just listen.

There is a chat window where you can ask me any question with which you might be struggling…and this also can be done anonymously by sending the question to me privately on chat, text, or email.

I do not keep a record of anything from 180 LIVE. There is no recording of my message, any of the discussion, and especially who is on the Zoom meeting.

I am doing this because for the past several months we have been having about 50 new subscribers a month and I believe you are looking for help because you are realizing or have already realized that you need help.

You could go to your pastor…but you do not want them to know you are struggling with porn.

You could go to a local counselor…but again that is letting someone locally know you have this problem and can be a very expensive and drawn-out process.

So tomorrow night at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time in the USA I will be at this Zoom link and hope you will stop by and hear from a Christian brother what I have learned over the past 16 and a half years by helping thousands of other Christians begin to learn how to find freedom from porn in a biblical program that has a strong track record of helping others.

Lastly, you are welcome to send any questions to me before the session if that would be easier for you.

PLUS…I will send a free copy of the 180 BOOT CAMP to everyone who attends who wants one.


If you have any questions send me an email at… doyel@me.com

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