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Yesterday we looked at the amazing faith of Abraham… the father of many nations. God tells him…when he was 90 and his barren wife Sarah that sometime in the future she will bear a son. Almost 10 years have passed and with each passing menstrual cycle, I can imagine Sarai’s faith was waning especially after going through menopause.

So, three messengers from God show up in camp one day. A meal is prepared and after eating…the visitors ask Abraham where Sarah was. Abraham says she is in the tent and the LORD said…

“I will surely return to you about this time next year,
and Sarah your wife shall have a son.”

Remember, Abraham is closing in on his centennial birthday and Sarah is about 89. And when she hears what the LORD says about still having a child she can’t help herself and she breaks out in laughter. And probably not just a TEE HEE little giggle. I am thinking of a gut-busting guffaw. She is already bent over with age but this brings her to her knees at the audacity of such a thing. She says to herself but within earshot of the visitors…

“After I am worn out, and my lord is old, shall I have pleasure?”

Referring to the pleasure it would be for her to finally have a child…however, there is one small issue…she is almost 90 and in her own words she says she is “worn out.” She is saying she and her husband are washed up and wiped out. She probably has not had a period for years and there is not probably another ounce of foreplay between them.

Then the LORD says…and we need to hear this loud and clear because these words apply to us as well…

“Is anything too hard for the Lord?”

I want you to hear those incredible and true words. Is anything too hard for the Lord? The answer to that question is a simple…NO…nothing is too hard for the Lord. And you know the rest of the story. God blesses Abraham and Sarah with a son they named Isaac which means One Who Laughs.

So, let me ask you that question…

“Is anything too hard for the Lord… in your life?

I do not care how long you have suffered from this sexual addiction. Where your lusts have taken you and how deep you have gone into the cesspool of this sin. Perhaps you are still in the baby pool and only dangling your feet in the water…or you have climbed the ladder to the Ultra High Dive Platform to discover the depths of sexual sin below…down to places others would abhor. Not just some adultery with someone…but deeper into child molestation, rape, orgies, and the like.

And you have passed the point of no return so many times you are on the verge of giving up on yourself and walking away from God. My heart breaks for you because I know the depth of darkness to which unrepentant sin will take someone.

Do you wonder how you could have gone so far? Well…usually it is one step at a time…and the lusts of your flesh are never satisfied. Sure, they can be momentarily silenced with another sexual encounter…but they always want more…more frequency…more intensity until you have fallen to such a depth of sin you have lost hope…maybe even all hope.

Yet, let me ask you the question…

“Is anything too hard for the Lord? …even in your life?

Sure…you think it is too hard and perhaps you have lost all hope. In fact, you finished your last can of hope years ago tossing it aside like an empty can of Red Bull, and are in misery…hopeless, and alone.

Listen my friends…there is nothing too hard for the Lord. You are not at the end of the line of losers with whom God is finished. You are not forgotten…locked out of fellowship with Him. No, it is more like you are in the ICU wing of the hospital but not wanting the help of anyone your Father has brought to you.

You think you are terminal. No more hope from reading a new book or going to another conference, or counselor…but YOU ARE NOT TERMINAL!!! And it is not because of you…your weakness…your addiction…your history or rap sheet that God our Father shows up…and nothing is impossible with God. And He not only wants to stitch up your wounds and wrap up your injuries…He wants you to get the help you need from Him and other brothers.

Now if you were to ask me back in 1995 if I would ever think that the young man in the picture above would be standing at the finish line of a 100-mile Mohican Trail Marathon in which he not only finished…but came in third place. This man who I knew as my son’s best friend from Junior High…was kind of chubby, not great on the soccer field, and an artist at heart. Yet now he can run 100 miles in 19 hours and 3 minutes.

And how did that ever happen??? Well, nothing is impossible with God…and yet almost nothing is impossible for you. Somewhere along the line, we stop believing in God and we stop believing in ourselves. Chad could have never run 100 miles without first running 100 feet.

We are all in a marathon…a marathon of time. Do you believe that nothing is impossible with God and that He not only wants to heal you but that He will heal you?
If there is one thing I have learned…the LORD wants to heal us…and the LORD will ultimately heal us forever in heaven. But we do not need to wait till then. Until then…we must live one day at a time filled with and walking in the Holy Spirit in a community of other men helping us and for us to be helping them as well.

“Is anything too hard for the Lord… in your life?

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