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Wow…I haven’t sent you anything in over a week to help us in our sexually broken world. If there are any of you who have gone back to the old ways over the past week…guess what? It ain’t my fault, or Gods, or the other people around you. If we want to find the person who is responsible for us being addicted to porn the bottom-line answer is…US!

True that for those of us who have been molested or sexually abused there are other people to blame for how we got here…but even then, we all must take responsibility for our choices. If we wonder why this keeps happening again and again and again it is because we are dealing with a powerfully addictive behavior resulting from the powerfully addictive chemicals our brain releases once we start becoming aroused.

One way the Bible says it is…

“A dog returns to its vomit,” and,
“A sow that is washed returns to her wallowing in the mud.”

Dogs and pigs go back because they have a taste for a second taste of the same meal and pigs love the dark wet mud cooling them down and keeping the flies off them. However, that is not what we do…right??? No…wrong…we are going back to the vomit of our soul…even though it delights our sinful flesh with gives masquerading moments of pleasure while echoes of the actions reverberate back and forth between our ears.

We go back to the thing we hate. We long for purity in moments of contrition but are lusting for vomit when we are horny. It looks, feels, and acts like pleasure…but it is not.

Now those of us who have grown up in the computer age…which I think is all of us. We learned a saying regarding using computers that makes a lot of sense. If the input the computer receives is true then the resulting conclusions drawn from that information can be true as well. But putting in the wrong information and hoping to bring out the true answers is always going to fail.

When someone is struggling with an addiction to porn and sex, they will find that almost anywhere and at any time their lusts become unleashed and it is vomit time again. Then they get desperate and as quickly as they can pile as much filth as they can into their brains. And many have been doing it for years if not decades

Ever wonder why it is so hard to quit the attacks of porn from your mental hard drive into your frontal lobes with an almost unstoppable force…you are experiencing the Garbage Out from the Garbage In YOU have stored and held onto for years and can pull up a fantasy faster than a hungry cheetah can take down its next meal.

Peter addresses these types of false Christians when he writes in 2 Peter 2:17-19 …

“These people are springs without water and mists driven by a storm. The Blackest darkness is reserved for them. For they mouth empty, boastful words and, by appealing to the lustful desires of the flesh, they entice people who are just escaping from those who live in error. They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity—for “people are slaves to whatever has mastered them.”

So, do you feel porn has mastered you? OK…you might have thrown a stick in the fire at a Christian camp or raised your hand at the end of a meeting. And those are not insignificant decisions… they are life-changing as far as gaining forgiveness for all our sins. But rarely will that one decision clean the hard drive of your mind and heart that has been feasting on porn for years.

What are you getting OUT? Garbage. Why? Because what you have been putting IN is garbage so what is going to be coming out is also garbage. In your right state of mind, you know and realize what your flesh is longing for is vomit…and it has convinced you that another taste will make you happy and help you feel better.

There was another saying making the rounds on playgrounds and locker rooms. If you thought someone was dumb or did not know something they could get labeled “SH*T for brains.” They may not have been as enlightened as you and your friends so they get relegated to the SH*T for Brains Club, which has a huge membership.

Well, I have some sad news for you…if you are still dumping more pornographic SH*T into your brain you are becoming and remaining a member of the SH*T for Brains Club. They meet on a regular basis to go out and eat more vomit. They may have repented on Sunday but come Monday they are once again ready to wallow in some fresh mud.

Ok…let me put down the scalpel of twisted humor and speak to you from my heart. It is only Christ who can give you freedom. It is only His love that can repair your war-torn heart. His Spirit remains in you and you are still a member an eternal member of His family…and always will be because you have been born-again as one of God’s children.

Eat all the puke you want. Fill yourself up every day in every way…and will you be satisfied?
NEVER because our flesh always has a continuous lusting for more and more and more…until you are a shell of a person looking OK on the outside but dying on the inside. You will damage and harm the people you love and destroy everything that is of any value in your life.

My recent illnesses have taught me something very important. I have a bladder that no longer works and a swollen colon to deal with daily. My daily medications combined with other realities made me so dizzy when I would stand up and walk…I would fall helplessly down and need others to help me up. Not good body language of a leader.

But I learned that does not matter. I would rather follow a broken leader who is still leading by the grace and power of God than some quick-witted, smooth-talking, comedic preacher who has not gone through the pain of suffering to get to the place that God wants to take her or him.

Maybe someday He will…and then that person will have the real opportunity to be a broken and wounded healer. Follow me and just ignore my limp. Let’s go to the promised land God has for us…at the end of this life and bring as many other broken and porn-addicted brothers and sisters with us.

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