John Doyel’s Memorial Service

Thursday, March 10th
Vineyard Columbus, 6000 Cooper Rd. Northeast Campus,

Calling hours 4:00-5:00 p.m. EST 
 Memorial Service 5:00-6:00 p.m. EST 

Reception to follow for all who wish to attend.

Please feel free to leave your condolences to the family in the comments below.


19 thoughts on “Johns Memorial Service”

  1. John was like a father to me. We met in Feb 2009 which I believe was the first 180 meeting. There were 11 guys there the first night. He was a great teacher and the biblical structure of 180 helped me get thru some dark times in my life. I will miss his friendship and his infinite wisdom and teachings of the bible. John is in a better place now with no pain and enjoying a heavenly paradise. We will continue to carry the 180 torch as Jesus leads us. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife Mona and his children. Rest in peace my friend and mentor.

  2. To all the people who have received John Doyel’s 180 Emails and podcasts –
    It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I write to inform you that John Doyel has gone home to be with the Lord.

    After multiple surgeries, some mild improvements, and then some major set-backs, John’s family had to make the difficult choice to keep John alive via machines or let him go home. So, last night shortly after midnight, John passed peacefully with his family by his side.

    Already, I have received many heartfelt messages from men recounting the ways in which John and 180 Ministries has impacted their lives. I want to share with you that John’s wife allowed me the opportunity to see John yesterday. I accepted that gift and I shared with John my own gratefulness for all that he has done in my life to make me a better man, a man more free from the snares of this world, and closer to the Lord than I thought imaginable.

    But, I also took the opportunity to share on your behalf. He was unresponsive but I believe he could hear me. I told him that we were all praying for him and that we are grateful for all he has done for each of us to become the men God intends us to be. I told him that we love him. For his teaching, for his leadership, and for his courage to stand in the gap with anyone who asked for help – I am and we are eternally grateful.

    John dedicated the latter part of his life to helping men fight the good fight of recovery from sexual brokenness and addiction. He worked tirelessly with this goal in mind – to help more men.

    I was reminded by a friend this morning that good leaders reproduce themselves in the midst of their ministry. So I want to encourage each of you to take up the mantle of John’s fight. Take what he taught you specifically and what he taught all of us in general and share it with other men who need help. Be there when they need a encouraged. Be there when they need a kick in the pants. Be there to cry with them through the hopelessness and hurt. And walk with someone the way John Doyel walked with you. That’s how we will continue to honor John’s life and continue his legacy.

    My grandmother used to say: “If the Kingdom of Heaven is within us, then we ought to leave little pieces of the kingdom wherever we go.” I have no doubt that John Doyel is enjoying his new home in the Kingdom of heaven today. I am confident in this because John did exactly what my grandmother said. He shared the already but not yet Kingdom wherever he went with whomever God led to him.

    For his faith and his diligent work with men all around the world, I rejoice with as much as I can muster today and say: Well done my friend. Well done good and faithful servant,
    John Doyel!

  3. Chris Bowling

    In spite of my shortcomings, John loved me anyway and I loved him. It was an honor to lead worship for 180 and to be encouraged by John in that role.

    God used him mightily to reach and save the lives of many! I’m one of those!

    If there is anything I can do for any of you, John’s family, during this time of grief, or anytime, please do not hesitate to ask.


    Chris Bowling

  4. John doyel understood my situation. Someone conned me into porn. My flesh is weak when I masturbate. I have only had sex 2 or 3x in school. I was diagnosed with when I was 3. Today I turned 54 and still have not been with a woman. I do feel bad about this. I can’t work because of my epilepsy
    I don’t drive to hurt other people because of my disability. I just need help, please.

    Sincerely, Neil

  5. I reached out to John back in June of 21. He got back to me almost immediately. When I started the 180 program, I was a broken man on the verge of divorce. This program not only saved my marriage, it saved my life. I not quite sure what I would of done without my wife and kids. John invited me to a group and the rest is history. My marriage is back on track and my relationship with my wife and kids is good. John took a terrible thing in his life and made a tremendous ministry out of it. I never met John face to face, but I feel like I lost a family member. John has left an amazing legacy and will be missed greatly. Thank you John for everything. Thank you Mona and your family. I greatly in-depth to you. Your husband was an amazing man and I know behind an amazing man is an amazing woman. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless. See you on the other side brother.

  6. I’m really saddened to hear of John’s passing. His daily emails of encouragement have been such a blessing to me and I will really miss him. He was v funny which is so necessary when dealing with such a topic as pornography.
    I will really miss him, his emails were a real lifeline in my own struggles with pornograhy.
    My condolences to Mona and his children.

  7. I have been a porn addict for 26 years. For the past eight years I have been in recovery, most recently joining a 180 support team in October of 2020. The focus and accountability of the team that John led has contributed more to my recovery than anything had previously and his focus on Christ as the center of all true healing was instrumental in my own advancements.

    I admit that the news of John’s passing was unexpected (to say the least) and initially really depressing. However, while I continue to pray for his family as they grieve the loss, I take a lot of hope in something Paul wrote that we discussed on multiple occasions in our OST meetings:

    “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6

    A few days ago, Christ completed the good work He began in John Doyel. Praise God.

  8. Milad Khaliefa Youssef Ibrahim

    I am from Egypt , John has changed my life by his unique online support . He was the light that guided me to return back to God .
    I will miss him but i am sure that he is in the best place .
    I will never forget you

  9. Ben Gallagher

    I met John Doyel through this ministy 3 years ago. He taught me fundamental biblical truths as well as practical ways to deal with temptation that comes from sexual brokenenss. Through this ministry, my marriage was restored , my self confidece was returned and my relationship with the Lord was made new again. He taught us about our true identity in Christ and how we can use the tools the Lord has given us to be leaders in life for Him. John Doyel quite literally saved my life in multiple aspects. I owe much to him and will continue on to help other men, just like he helped me. I am sad that he is gone becasue I felt like we still had much ministry work to do together but I know the Lord knows best. I thank the Lord for the time we had together and know that he has heard the words “well done, good and faithful servant”. This isn’t a good bye John, it’s just “for now”. See you in Heaven!

  10. John was a faithful and sincere man of God. He pointed back to Jesus and was vulnerable and honest about his struggles and failings so we could learn and grow from his example. John and the 180 group he started at a local church near me, have truly changed my life. After nearly 30 years of bondage and despair of ever being free, I have finally had victory and freedom for five years. This ministry helped me to work out the salvation of Christ in this area of my life.

    I am a more faithful follower of Christ and a better man in all respects thanks to the ministry and fellowship of John and the 180 group. I have the privilege to both serve and be served in this ministry thanks to the opportunities and community that John created. I still fondly remember all of us sharing a meal with John in his home in the first few months of our fledgling fellowship. While John hasn’t lead our particular group in person for some time, he still lead and mentored us from afar through his example, his training materials and his daily podcasts.

    John’s podcasts have been a source of encouragement and reflection (and groans over his terrible “dad” jokes). I will miss John’s daily thoughts and faithful example, but I’m so glad to know that he has finished the race and is seeing our beloved Father and our Savior face to face, free of pain and the power of sin and death.

    “ For I am already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time of my departure has come. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to me on that day, and not only to me but also to all who have loved his appearing.”

    -2 Timothy 4:6-8

  11. I’ve had an addiction to sexual brokeness for decades, thinking it was a part of me forever. No matter how hard I tried, shame and guilt kept me from reaching out. One night as I was searching for answers, I stumbled across John’s e-mail address. I e-mailed him and was almost shocked that this person replied so promptly…and so genuinely. He told me about 180 Ministries, and I took a leap of faith and joined.

    Because of his kind soul and compassion, I connected with other brothers-in-Christ who have the same struggle, and as I continued the program, I had a better understanding not only about this addiction, but about how the love of God surpasses all understanding.

    I am grateful for John in more ways that I have time to write this message. I will miss his smile and jokes through my computer screen, but I know I will see him face-to-face when it’s time for me to go Home as well.

    Love you, John Doyel…


  12. Kia ora John, from New Zealand.
    You never made it down here, but your encouragement, truth and message sure did. Almost every day you brightened my path with such a powerful testimony to what God saved you from, and led you to! And for many you provided life after the valley of the shadow of death! Shalom good buddy. We’ll meet again!

  13. Thomas Sorensen

    John Doyel was the man who taught and reassured me of the basic biblical truths we as Christians hold true. He was the man who really helped break the spiritual lies in my mind and life and turned my path of life around at only the age of 19. Upon hearing of the news I truly knew that I lost a brother in Christ and even though I only knew John for a year and a half, I felt he was a friend that you knew you could count upon for any needs. He was a spiritual mentor for me and has shown me how to walk in the spirit in my day to day life.

    You were, are, and always will be a huge factor in my growing faith in Jesus Christ.
    I hope to see you one day soon!

  14. I got the shocking news this morning. and went through previous post to see that John passed away on the 4th. I shed tears, because I had sent him a message while he was in the hospital, and he replied that he was doing great and recovering fast. I feel so sad knowing that John did not make it.
    I wish there is a way to show you now the impact of your work on all of us, but like one comment above said, the only way to show gratitude to you is to do the same thing you did for us to all those we come close to. Thank you John, I never knew I would have to send this message. I had feared this would happen when you sent a private message to me about the surgery you had that day, but was glad to read a day or two later, when you confirmed to me, the surgery was fine. Your soul is not only resting in peace now, but lived in peace while you were here with us, and shared this peace with us.

    Until we meet to depart no more, adieu brother. we will continue lighting your torch.

  15. John was a faithful man and devoted follower of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus rescued him from a very dark place of sexual bondage and he’s been working tirelessly for years to help rescue others. Including me. I was a pastor and a professional counselor, when 12 years ago I blew up my life by having an affair. Along with a few others, John stepped in to the storm and threw me a life preserver. He told me that if I hang onto Jesus and do the hard work of recovery I will never regret it and I will make it through. This was so needed because in the midst of the shame and depression I struggled with the temptation to end my life. Thank you for this life giving encouragement John.

    John was not a perfect man and shared his struggles as he encouraged me and many others to fight the good fight. This vulnerability from a man in leadership was invaluable. “It’s OK to struggle and sometimes fail in the journey towards sexual, emotional and relational healing” was the message that this gave to me and others. He encouraged us to not beat ourselves up if we had a slip or a fall but to learn from it. “Pick yourself back up because you’re under God’s amazing grace and you’re his beloved son” was a regular refrain we heard from John. Your sin never ever changes God’s love and acceptance towards you. Thank you for being a messenger of grace John.

    And I can’t leave unsaid one of John’s favorite lines, “A lone sheep is a dead sheep.” This refrain captured one of John’s deeply held convictions that recovery happens in community. This drove his emphasis on small groups both in person and online. He stressed that much healing comes from breaking the power of shame and secrecy by being open in a safe community. Thank you for beating that drum John. Thank you for providing structures to enable men to be open about this dark and shameful area of life.

    Finally, John stressed the power of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit. Thank you for grounding us in truth and the power of the Spirit John.

    I grieve the loss of John for his family and his ministry. Jesus please bring comfort to John’s family. I struggle to understand why God took him home when he was impacting so many for good. But I’m also glad that he is with the God that he loved so much! Glad he’s dancing on the streets that are golden! Certainly John heard “Well done good and faithful servant” as he entered into his eternal home. I will miss you John.

  16. John and 180 ministries has been a big blessing for my life. I am grateful for him. I am thankful to God that He put him on my path. When I was in need, he showed up same like the “good samaritan”. He not only helped people but set a community where people can help to each other. I will remember him as my friend and my mentor. He was a great teacher. I will remember his humbleness, his transparency and sense of humor too. He has inspired me to continue running the “good race” – I won’t stop until I reach Jesus. John will be missed but I know we will see him again. Thanks God for John’s life.

  17. I’m so proud to have known this man in the later part of his life. His passion for men to walk in the freedom he found from sexual addiction was Holy Spirit contagious! His legacy lives on in the many transformed and transforming lives he’s helped in this redemptive journey. Thanks, John, for facing the shame, embracing a new you-life, and taking up your cross for Christ’s sake to the worship and glory of God the Father!

  18. So sorry to hear of John’s passing. I had not realized his health had gotten so bad. His humor, vulnerability and love for men and their unique struggles will not soon be forgotten. Let us all be grateful to God for touching us with John’s life.

    My condolences and prayers for all of his family and friends.

  19. I am so sad that John passed away. With all that he had going on his life. He was somehow very personal to those he interacted with. I was part of one of many online groups. He pushed the ministry for people to join because he sensed and saw the need. “Every man’s battle”, it has been titled and yet so few men are able to come to terms with the battle. He wanted everyone to get the help they needed. Whether they could afford it or not. The thing that sticks out most during the online meetings is when you fell, he didn’t just want you to share. He wanted you to examine why, what, and how you blew it. He then wanted you to set boundaries or new boundaries to prevent it from happening again in that same way. He wanted you to think through the process. He wanted us to seek help from the Holy Spirit. He encouraged us to reach out to one another when in need. His famous quote, “A lone sheep is a dead sheep”.

    He will be deeply missed. So thankful to his wife and children that forgave him when his life fell apart and allowed him to rise as phoenix to build something new, something beautiful. Rest in peace John.

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