Online Support

Online Support Teams (OSTs) – These are small teams of men that meet online at certain times during the week for specific training, accountability, and support. There is a fee to be on a Team and the 25 180 Recovery Program Videos need to be purchased.  The fees are negotiable and we ask that you pay for what you can honestly afford.  These teams run for a year and will be extremely helpful in experiencing freedom from sexual brokenness.

There are now 13 OSTs currently meeting weekly online with members being honest and accountable to each other in our meetings AND staying in touch DAILY using the GroupMe app.  145+ men are in these groups from 10 different nations and many are experiencing more sexual sobriety from porn and masturbation for the first time in years if not decades.

Here is the Schedule of the OSTs.

All Eastern Standard Time – USA

Tuesday at 4:00 pm Brand New…

Tuesday at 8:00 pm

Wednesday at 1:00 pm

Wednesday at 7:45 pm EST – Brazil OST Open if you speak Portuguese

Wednesday at 9:00 pm

Wednesday at 9:30 pm

Thursday at 3:00 pm

Thursday at 9:00 pm

Thursday at 10:00 pm

Friday at noon

Saturday @ 9:00 am

Saturday at 9:00 pm

Sunday at 7:00 pm