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CleanBrowsing for Adults

If you are trying to avoid pornographic content, the web can be quite challenging. Porn is everywhere and will show up even when you are not looking for it. We built CleanBrowsing to protect kids from porn and explicit content, but parents were also asking for a solution that they could use it themselves.

We heard you and we also built CleanBrowsing for Adults. It is an adjusted CleanBrowsing solution that blocks all porn sites, while still allowing the rest of the web to work properly.

We believe that the world is full of mediocre, transactional teams; teams that exist to make a decent product, provide a fairly good environment for their workers, and treat their customers to some ‘garden variety’ of good service. Visit Built To Lead on the web at

Drew Norman, Web Developer, Former 180 small group leader.

I am so blessed to be asked to build this amazing website for 180 recover. John and I go way back to 2009. I was led by the Lord to start attending 180 so that I could be transformed and changed by the Holy Spirit and walk in freedom. Visit my <a href=””>website</a> to learn how I can serve you.” Visit Drews website