180 exists to help people who struggle with sexual addictions find healing through Jesus and His Holy Spirit and grow in a healthy relationship with God our Father.

About 180 Recover:

We have learned that we must embrace our brokenness, confess our struggles with one another and without judgment pray for and support one another. We believe that true and lasting healing comes from God and in Community. We know that He loves us and desires for us to live in sexual purity. All who are willing to come to Him can find healing and a breaking free from sexual addictions. We also believe that in order to maintain that freedom we must do what the Bible teaches us on a daily basis.

God has done his part and has given us everything we need for life and godliness. Yet we still must learn to deal with the sin nature or flesh that dwells within us, learn how to handle our fallen and sexualized world and know how to deal with the spiritual forces of evil that are arrayed against us.

More About 180 Ministries

This ministry began in 2009 with the expressed purpose of providing a support and recovery group that emphasizes not only the healing power of God but also, the personal responsibility of people to do whatever it takes to live a life of purity.

180 has expanded to other churches in the Columbus Ohio area, South Chicago and at Duluth Vineyard.  It has been difficult for churches to open their doors to us so we have a different solution.  

That solution is Online Support Teams.  We have 13 OSTs operating through the week with over 150 men from 10 nations. Geography is no longer an issue.  For example, one team has Americans, Englishmen, Germans, and Swedes all in one group. There are also people from Canada, Argentina, Rwanda, and India.  We have gone GLOBAL!!!

We do not believe one can participate for three to six months and then their problems will be solved. Some of us have been developing our sexual addictions for many years. We understand that we are working on dramatically changing our lifestyle and becoming the new creations God has designed us to be. That will take the rest of our lives. We know that it is worth it and it gets better the longer we continue to “work the program”.

I invite you to be my guest at any of the 180 OSTs.  Just sit in and see if it is somewhere you can find the confidential help you want.  If you are not yet ready to make that commitment we understand it takes time and you are welcome here. However, if you have reached the point where you are sick of your sexual sin and failures and are willing to do whatever it takes to recover and have the life God wants you to have then we welcome you to join us on the journey.

180 is a ministry of Vineyard Church of Columbus, a 501(c)3 non-profit, and a growing Online Ministry to over 2500 people in 60 nations.