Recovery is Progress Not Perfection

It doesn’t take long to realize that stopping this sexual brokenness and being released from the grip of pornography is going to be a challenge.  You have probably tried to stop many times and you know it is going to take work.  Writing your sexual sin inventory is work, very hard work.  However, do not be too hard on yourself if you are struggling and even if you have a fall.

The difference between being in or out of recovery is what you do after a fall.  In recovery, that means, if we fall we get up, confess it to God and our support team, and learn what we can from it.  Here are two critical 180’ism.

Recovery is Progress Not Perfection.


Recovery a Process, not a Procedure

You probably made a promise that you will struggle to keep and you may have already broke it.  Your sin nature and other forces around you are accusing you of what a loser you are and that you will never be free.  There is shame and fear and discouragement … and we have only started to maintain sobriety. So, when you have a fall here are some of your options …

  1. Have a pity party and stay in that place where you are the proverbial dog returning to its vomit.
  2. Throw away this whole idea about being able to have a recovery and walk in purity.
  3. Quit making promises you cannot keep … like the promise where you were not going to sexually sin this year.
  4. Start living one day at a time because we are not meant to handle more than that.

I am trying to teach you how to begin your recovery and that is only happening if you are trying to do it one day at a time.  Jesus himself said for us to not worry about tomorrow because today has enough trouble of its own.

Every group or agency that deals with addictions has learned this and teaches this.  I know … I know … you thought you were better than that.  You’re Not.  You thought your new resolve will make the difference.  It Won’t.

Recovery will not be because of what you do or say …


Recovery happens when we are being transformed by the Spirit of Go one day at a time!

You cannot transform yourself.  You cannot double down and say you are going all in … then step into the ring with Mike Tyson thinking you can beat him.  It will never happen by YOU but HIM that makes the difference.  It doesn’t come from you trying to attack your lusts but from fleeing youthful lusts and walking in the Spirit.  It comes from offering yourself to God every stinking day and putting on the full armor of God.

So, get up … confess your sins to the Lord and your support team and surrender yourself to the Lord this morning.  Ask for the Spirit to fill you and empower you.  Get on the phone with your team and ask them to pray for you. Leave the pity party and walk with Jesus.

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